NDHI Summit

Consensus Statement


A Joint Statement on 21st Century Collaboration for Healthcare Advancement    

Collaboration between industry, healthcare professionals, and scientists has been at the heart of most of the advances in U.S. healthcare over the past several decades. Appropriate collaboration between non-industry healthcare professionals and scientists and industry -- guided by clear principles and conducted for the benefit of patients -- drives medical innovation, meaningful health outcome improvements, and economic growth for our nation. 

For the past few years, concerns about undue influence of industry on healthcare have presented an increasingly complex challenge to medical research, education, communication, and innovation efforts. With this in mind, the National Dialogue for Healthcare Innovation (NDHI) has brought together varying perspectives to discuss issues that affect innovation and patient care. NDHI has identified four principles to guide collaborations designed to advance medical technology, innovation, and patient care. These principles do not replace or subsume the important existing guidelines and codes that have already been developed by professional societies, trade associations, government agencies, academic medical centers, or individual companies. They do, however, provide a basic framework to help guide collaborative efforts and maintain the confidence and trust of all participants in our healthcare system, including patients, providers, payers, industry, researchers, academia, and government.